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watch out for the bread.

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Day one of the ice challenge. Victim, Sean, also the one who inspired this blog. One may question, how did you ice this birthday fella? Answer, loaf of bread. It was a simple plan of action. Buy bread. Cut out square in center. Place bread over Smirnoff Ice. Serve bread. And walllha! You have just been iced friend. Once presented with Ice the bro must immediately get down on one knee and chug said Ice. More to come. Watch out bros we’re after you.


p.s. just in case y’all didn’t know what “icing a bro” meant, here’s some literature to read up on. Don’t worry it’s worth your time.


About icedbitch

I'm a bro that enjoys icing other bros. That is all.

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  1. yo bro this tight. you guys sound mad chill. maybe sometime we can grab our spoons and play some lax. thatd be chill. then after we can get our girlfriends to make us sandwiches while we chill in our lax pennies and crew socks. sound like a plan? man it’s so chill how I found bros like you

  2. “Wallha”? Is that some sort of fish?


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